Thursday, July 28, 2016

Please Question Your Firearms Instructor

I have said time and time again that military and police training on its own does not qualify someone to teach effective self defense techniques. There are too many individuals in the self defense training industry who are out to capitalize and make a quick profit on the latest event in the news. They do this by claiming military Special Operations or Police tactical expertise. It should be clear to anyone watching videos like this that the techniques shown are dangerous and irresponsible. Worse yet these folks believe they are being trained to protect themselves in a worse case scenario. If that is not clear to you then you are exactly the person who should be questioning the bona fides of any potential instructor.

We spend hours haggling over the price of a used car but are willing to literally bet our life on information being put out by someone we may have never met before class. Do not be star struck by credentials. You don't have to be an "operator" to be an effective teacher. What you do need is passion, knowledge and the ability to explain concepts and principles.

If your instructor cannot explain to you satisfactorily why you are doing something using facts and evidence, be suspicious. If they say things like " this is another tool for your tool box" or they haven't changed their training methodology in years then that is a problem. Look around, talk to former students, talk to others with experience and see who they would recommend. The cream rises to the top. Do not trust this important decision to chance.

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