Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sheriff's Tips: Empty Chambers

Sheriff's Tips: Empty Chambers: Do you carry your defensive handgun with a round in the chamber? Sheriff Jim Wilson says if you are not confident in this practice, get professional training.

Not sure why this seems so controversial. Unless you have time to preplan your attack then unchambered carry is irresponsible. If you have time to preplan your actions then you potentially have time to avoid the situation entirely. If you have time to react in this way instead of utilizing avoidance you could potentially be construed as an aggressor or mutual combatant.No, the more realistic scenario is that you will be ambushed probably at close range. In that context you will fail. You will fail to accomplish the very task you arm yourself to accomplish. That task is to protect yourself or others if you need to. Even if you carry with a round chambered you may fail. The firearm is not a magic talisman with mythical "stopping power". But carrying a weapon with an empty chamber is negligence and provides false hope. Get some training and quit being afraid.

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