Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting 1.3.16

Good day of training at QC Shooting Sports. Thanks Jeff Mullenmeister of MN Firearms Training Academy for coming down to teach with me.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. From other firearms training experiences I have had it starts off something like this; get to the class, introductions, 4ish hours of classroom talk, lunch, then maybe get to the range for a few hours. Honestly, that was excellent for my first couple classes, I transferred the fundamentals I learned in those training to this and thought they helped tremendously. But, I was thinking this would be along those same lines.. even brought a notebook for notes. Well, I was very surprised. We spent about 15 minutes total with introductions, medical and whatever else and then we were shooting. We started with some basics but, progressed very quickly. I thought the instructors did an excellent job. This is the first training I've really been in that I've been "pushed and critiqued" as much as I was. I enjoyed it, I do not think there's anyway I'll get better. Mike, as your first time instructing that class, excellent job, I plan on taking the two day.

    Braxton M.