Friday, December 16, 2016

Thanks and Lets Make 2017 Even Better

Last night I finished my last scheduled class of 2016. 7 motivated people took time out of their busy day to learn life saving CPR skills. I was talking to my friend Ernie Traugh of Cedar Valley Outfitters this morning. We were talking about how much we appreciated all these good people that frequent CVO and take the training that CVO and EighteenZulu LLC offer. EighteenZulu in conjunction with CVO has conducted over 40 classes in the last 12 months. We teach what I feel is the best CCW class in Eastern Iowa. We also offer Fundamentals of Concealed Carry, Home Defense Handgun, Combat Focus Shooting and Private Instruction. This year we expanded to offer Combat Focus Carbine, Medical Training, CPR and our newest course Active Shooter Response. Oh yeah and Ernie and I are also hosting a monthly to bi monthly podcast CVO GUNTALK.

I started teaching life saving skills over 30 years ago. I enjoy it and love interacting with people and giving them new skills. Please join me, Eighteen Zulu and Cedar Valley Outfitters and make 2017 the best training year ever!!