Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Safety From PDN

Some good articles regarding holiday safety

Personal Defense Network has been posting a series of Holiday Safety & Security Articles at their Blog with some great tips for you and the whole family. The articles have been submitted by various PDN Contributors who are active personal defense teachers.

Grant starts out talking about keeping perspective during the holidays… have fun &  enjoy the time while taking simple steps to be as safe as possible. He goes on to offer tips for Home Security, Houses of Worship and attending Holiday Events. Grant finishes up by reminding you what it means to give the Gift of Personal Security to yourself and those you care about.


Paul offers three tips to help you and your family enjoy the holidays while staying secure: Keep a low profile, Lock-Up and Maximize your Avoidance Skills. All of his suggestions are easily implemented, even during the busy holiday season.

Deryck offers some simple advice that will also add to the enjoyment of your holidays while making it less likely that you will be a victim of crime. When you’re home, Keep an eye on your Front Door. He also offers some great tips for when you venture out to the mall and finishes up by reminding you that  Not being a Grinch makes your holidays more enjoyable and conflict less likely.

All of these articles are worth taking a few moments to read. PDN’s Executive Director has said that they are sharing this series of articles “…in the hopes that your holidays are not just happy, but also as safe and secure as possible for you and those you care about.”

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